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Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Music, Videos, and information about Santa Cruz artist / Portland, Oregon native Boy Eats Drum Machine



by boy eats drum machine

written performed recorded by Jon Ragel


I don't own a drum machine. I havn't used one since my first demo in 2002. My heart belongs to drum breaks--real drum breaks--rough funk drops of the 60's, crate-dug hip hop beats of the 80's. That's the sound. That's why I got into turntablism. 

Well, I ran out of records to mine beats from, so I bought a vintage 22" Slingerland kick drum with matching 16" floor tom-tom. I had already acquired the Ludwig Vistalite snare drum. It sounded lonely, lonely without low end to give it's crackle-throated welping any sort of context. I watched some youtubes on drumming--learned how to sit back and, as they say, try to lift the kick drum into the ceiling. 

M1 was born out of my desire to learn drums. All 10 tracks started as drum breaks. I'd do something on the turntable--something rhythmic--then loop it and try to write a beat to it. Editing followed, as did basic instrumentation. Beats became "beats". Rough arrangements. I spent quite a few headphone hours at the cafe counter inside the Ford building. Lyrics came. A full blown recording effort followed, and the results are before you now.

As the chorus in /The Chase/ goes, I "hope you give it a try".

PS- M1 is named after the vintaged, lovely, new-to-me Hammond M1 organ sitting in my living room since last summer. It's on permanent loan from a friend, and featured prominently on this album. If Cody ever wants it back, he'll have to pry it from my clutching carcass.


released 21 January 2014 
Jon Ragel: vocals, drums, percussion, tenor saxophone, turntable, guitars, and keys (Waldorf Pulse, Hammond M1, Prophet 08) 

album cover photo by Elementary Photography 

special thanks: 

Beth Ragel, Jason Sievers, Benjy Rickard, Jared Mees, Josh Ravitz, Tender Loving Empire, Bridgetown Breaks, Radiation City, Y La Bamba, and Hosannas 

turntable grabs: 

"/The Chase/" contains sample of "Find It Of Use" by Radiation City from the album Cool Nightmare (Tender Loving Empire - TLE-034LP) 

"/The Plan/" contains sample from "Wash Of Noise" by Radiation City off of Animals In The Meridian (Tender Loving Empire - TLE-038) 

"Tall Man" contains sample of "Bendito" by Y La Bamba off of Court The Storm (Tender Loving Empire - TLE-032LP) 

"Automaton" contains sample of "Analog Synth Tones" off of Bridgetown Breaks [volume 1] 

"National Vow Song" contains sample of "Isla De Hierva Buena" by Y La Bamba from the album Lupon (Tender Loving Empire - TLE-025LP) 

"/The Swim/" contains sample of "Aqua Marine" by Hosannas from the album Song Force Crystal (sohitek - SHTLP 001) 

"12/31" contains sample of "Opposite People" by Hosannas from the album Song Force Crystal (sohitek - SHTLP 001) 

"So Close" contains sample of "Guilty's Guilty" by Hosannas from the album Song Force Crystals (sohitek - SHTLP 001)